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I read a very attracted quote and it is  inspired me , it is pushed me to write this article.IMG_9656

    I  was going to have coffee with my best friend at coffee boxes  café , and there was a phrase on the wall of the cafe  

said : ” We believe in the power of girls” , this motivational phrase holds a lot of support and positive energy for us as girls to do what is always the best. This phrase has made me ponder in our abilities and what we are always able to do that what we expect impossible, we have a lot of power through which we can overcome the odds, which makes us proud of ourselves and our forces and then we make everyone around us proud of us.



Here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have a lot of strong women entrepreneurs who have preceded us with their achievements and innovations, who have made the whole nation proud of them and whose work makes us more energy to do the best, the more we look at them we will follow what they done and accomplish the best, we will make ourselves our family and our country are proud of us.

Examples of Saudi entrepreneur:

  • Dr. Khawla Al-khuraya:

A Saudi scientist, a senior cancer research scientist at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital 1527038362462and Research Center in Riyadh, and director of the research Center at the King Fahd National Center for Pediatric Oncology and Research “King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center ” since 2005, and Professor lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine in “al-Faisal University “. She is also a member of several boards and committees including:  “American Society of Genetics “,  “American Society for Cancer Research “,  “American Academy of Pathology “, as well as the editorial board in the Gene Medical Journal, member of the editorial board of the World Journal of Genes Medical  “WJMG”, advisory board member of  “National Geographic magazine “.

She joined the research center at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center as a research scientist and co-consultant, and founded a research program to identify the genetic footprint of tumors in the kingdom, and appointed a major scientist and clinical consultant in 2002. She held the membership of the Saudi Shura Council between 2013 and 2017. She has more than 120 certified scientific research and nearly 300 scientific papers published in medical journals. Classified by the magazine “Arabian Business ” in the list of “the strongest 30 Saudi women ” for the year 2014, she was the first Saudi woman to get the medal of King Abdulaziz First class in 2010, and in 2007 won the “Harvard Award for Scientific Excellence “.                  Ph.D. in gene cancer from the U.S. National Research Center in the United States of America, American Board of Pathology at Georgetown University in the United States, and Bachelor of Medicine and General surgery from King Saud University , Riyadh , Saudi Arabia.



  • Dr. Lama taher

Lacking in financial assistance but armed with grit, perseverance and passion, a young 1163561-1343796029Saudi woman fashion designer launches her own brand while pursuing further studies, and succeed in both.

she was born and raised in Riyadh and moved to London in 2004 to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree, followed by a Master’s degree in Mental Health. Eight years ago, when she started on her Ph.D. in Psychology, she felt compelled to go into fashion design. Armed with grit, perseverance and passion, she took the plunge and launched her own brand, LUM, in May 2010.

 She said: ” i had no financial assistance and no fancy business plans — but I believed in it. No one else did, except my older sister who stood by me. In spite of its humble beginning, the brand was well-received in the Kingdom and the Gulf region. But my father, a physician, was not convinced. I placed a bet with him, vowing to make substantial sales and revenue within one month. On July 1, 2013, I won that bet, making him my number one supporter.  In 2016, I achieved my academic dream, obtaining a Ph.D. in psychology at City University London. But it was not easy. Enduring sleepless nights and homesickness, I persevered to meet high academic demands. Meanwhile, the LUM business continued to flourish. People asked why a successful fashion designer would pursue a doctorate in psychology. I was constantly asked to pick one — but my heart was in one and my mind was in another. Few believed I could achieve both. At times, I too doubted myself.”

Today , she is an assistant professor at Dar Al Hekma University in Jeddah, supervising award-winning researchers. she also a Saudi designer and manager of a successful fashion brand sold in the GCC, New York and Los Angeles.

She also said: “People still ask: Why both? 

I reply, smiling: Because one dream was not enough.”

I share this stories to empower girls to pursue their dreams, to believe in themselves, to fight for what they want.


We all can do every thing .



“Smart women treasure, beautiful smart force majeure.” George Meredith


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My first post – Creative communication




?What is creative communication ? And how does it improve marketing

First of all Communicating in general is an important skill that must be good for everyone, communicating with adults and young people, or even communicating with others, communicating in personal life with friends and family, and communicating with people in a working environment. The reason for the importance of communication is that humans are beings who love to live within societies, where supportive relationships play an important role in human self-esteem and happiness, and communication in the environment of life and work enhances human prosperity. It also leads to harmony among people, which is an important factor for creating an atmosphere devoid of chaos and the formation of cooperation and creativity and gives the human feeling of appreciation and attention, and communication between parents and children reduces the risk of children’s participation in behaviors that cause .harm and destruction

There are skills that must be available to the person to communicate with others well, and the .most important of which is appreciation, trust and respect

Either creative communication is to communicate better with the targeted people, by using an innovative approach that distinguishes a person or brand to attract others.

It is an important part of any profession, and there is a need to engage people in creative thinking to find new and innovative solutions to meet challenges and difficulties.

 Creative thinkers need to ask a lot of questions, set goals and then test their ideas and implement them.

With the increasing technological works  , the advantage of creative communication makes its people different from machines through their ability to communicate and build relationships.

If you have this feature you should be able to:

  • Work collectively and have the ability to think jointly
  • Listen to others.
  • Share ideas effectively.
  • Communicating with the targeted people directly or through social media.

You need effective communication and collaboration skills to listen to the needs of customers and attract them or project partners, to explain what they mean either through written or audible means of communication in a clear and concise way.

To enhance creative communication skills, we can use the six-hat method, which is a different way of thinking that gives you time to think about ideas. How much it gives you a clear methodology for producing new ideas whenever you need it, expanding the scope of creativity, and searching for other ways to set goals and solve problems as it is not limited to creative ideas but also promotes thinking in general.

First: The Red Hat: This hat symbolizes emotions, when wearing this hat allows people to express their feelings and emotions related to the subject, do not require logical thinking because emotions are usually subjective and not rational.

Second: White hat: Facts, information and statistical data in addition to identifying missing information.

Third: The Yellow hat: symbolizes the positive and rational, i.e. used to look at the positive side of the idea and its benefits, and the support of the idea must be logical and not construed without explanation.

Fourth: Black Hat is the opposite of the yellow hat, which is used to look at the negative aspects of the idea and potential risks and any criticism leads to support the idea. He also expected logical justification when making reservations rather than opposition to opposition.

Fifth: The green Hat: symbolizing creativity and unconventional thinking when wearing this hat must be creative and encourage people to use brainstorming and creative thinking to find unexpected developments in the idea.

Sixth: Blue hat: Use this hat to guide the discussion or exchange hats when needed and to summarize the main points for discussion and decision making.

The importance of using creative communication in the marketing field:

  1.  world of marketing a competitive world if you do not have a different advantage than the rest of the competitors will result in the loss of your customers, as creativity will be about others.
  2. increease your chances of reaching the targets, the more you start your chances to attract the  attention of others.
  3.  your use of creative communications to create visual, video and graphical advertising in a creative way will enable you to reach a larger group of people.

In the end, what I want to come up with is that creative communication is a distinctive and important skill that I hope to have a lot, especially the marketing areas that will return to them with a lot of benefit and demand from people. And for me, I’m going to work on this skill.

Recent Harvard Studies:

Emphasizes that walking leads to an increase in creative thinking and supports the benefits of walking meetings in the work environment and leads to a more honest exchange with .staff, which is more productive than traditional meetings

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